Mar 3,2012
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I really like this song *A* Died putting everything together though /cry/

Feb 19,2012
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Covered Envy~ One of my favourites.

Feb 11,2012
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Artist: Berry
Trackname: home in this corner

Tried singing one of my favourites from the Guilty Crown OST. 

Just recorded with the MP3 since I didn’t come across an instrumental version. 

Original:  澤野弘之 sung by Leina

Jan 29,2012
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Trackname: Euthrepe ver. Berry

Quick cover of Eutrepe to test Mixcraft /tehee/

The end’s kinda out of time.

Jan 3,2012
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I sang rain stops, goodbye. 

Dec 24,2011
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My cover of Muddy Cloud the beginning sounds retarded You might need to turn your speakers up because it’s quite soft.

Merry Christmas!

Dec 18,2011
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I sang Utakata Hanabi. 

Nov 4,2011
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Artist: Berry
Trackname: [Supercell] 約束をしよう_Let's promise / Yakusoku wo Shiyou
Album: Sayonara Memories

Let’s Promise original by Supercell

I sang this a few weeks ago //mixing is terrible as always

Oct 18,2011
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Artist: supercell
Trackname: Owari e Mukau Hajimari no Uta
Album: Today Is A Beautiful Day

Speakers up to hear~

I like this song, it’s so pretty :3 so I tried to sing it. I wasn’t bothered to find the off-vocal so I recorded over Nagi’s voice  and I mix terribly. 

Mar 3,2011
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LOL my timing is off from what it should sound like and I made mistakes in the lyrics too orz Sang without music coz it’s easier X3

Leia - Vocaloid, sung by me